Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our Love

Try to keep myself
from crying
But each second without you
feels like dying

Memories still fresh
of you, and me
The knowlage that we're
meant to be

We've waited long enough I feel
For happiness and the chance to heal

Soon, So soon
It's not soon enough
It never will be too soon
for us to share our love

Friday, June 23, 2006


I try to sleep
but I cannot dream
Instead I lie here
and listen to you breathe

I crave your touch
your scent, your kiss
The warmth and comfort of you
I so deeply miss

The feel of your heart
beating under my palm
The soft nuzzles in the twilight
is always a healing balm

How I need to feel you inside me
there's a void there that only you can fill
For a love such as ours
surely the purest of the Angel's would kill

Soon I pray to the stars
Let us embrace, soon and again
So this life that we've been waiting to live
Can finally begin.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Speak the words
You long to say
of love eternal
that forever will stay
to always endure
come what may
to always be shown
each and every day

Speak these words
I long to hear
of promises to keep
of a love so dear
to have and to hold
and for us to keep near
a future thats ours
thats so perfectly clear

Hear my words
I've always wanted to say
of love eternal
that forever will stay
to always endure
come what may
and to always be shown
each and every day

Hold onto my heart

Mountains and valleys
Rivers and streams
are nothing to compare to
the love that you've shown me

With every word
every happy sigh
all the loving looks you give
gets me so very high

We belong to each other
two halves of one whole
Twin flames of one candle
reflecting in life's mirror

I know we'll be together soon
but the days seem long and hard
until then though i'll wait for you
while you hold onto my heart

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Missing You Much

Dreaming of you
though I'm still awake
The night is leaving soon
and I'm wishing for the feel of your arms

Time seems so slow
when the best is promised to come
Patience seems unending
though it's starting to come undone

Just hold me tightly in your dreams
so I can feel your touch
as you beckon me
Hear my heart beat with yours
and know that as it does

I miss you that much

Friday, May 26, 2006

I Love You

Let me swin in your eyes
shimmering waves of color enthrall me
How I miss getting lost in their depths
The velvet touch of your lips
as we drown in a passionate abyss

If death be our love
then let me breathe no more
You can be my Angel
come to take me home
My Angelic Reaper I adore

With my teeth in your flesh
your back marred by my claws
While I feel you inside me
filling me full, and stretching me tight

Your mine
I've marked you with my scent
I've loved you with my body
and the power has bound us tightly

Can you feel me
as the wind blows against your skin?
That is my love for you
completely free of sin.

-for Doug-

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Perfect Love Perfect Trust

Longing ache inside
I can barely hide
each throb a painful hurt
of missing those warm lips

What is soon?
We've waited long enough
for us
Come quickly to me my love
so I can hold you

in Perfect love and Trust

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Never Part

How I miss your handsome face
The longing I feel right now, makes me feel out of place
My love for you is so deep and so strong
where no force can break it, or make it go wrong
Through miles we are yet again apart
you took with you on that plane, my heart
To keep a part of me with you until you return for good
and then, my love, we'll never part.